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    We have "linked" it many times!

    Shalom Eliyahu, we have EXPLAINED and LINKED the Scriptures which show that SINNERS killed and PIERCED the Holy One of Israel, much in the same way as YOU did LINK Hebrews 9:13-14 to Yeshua being the...
  2. Lucy, glad to see you are still around.

    Lucy, glad to see you are still around. Questions: Why are you like ALL of the deceived and delusional christians who think their god's true nature needs appeasement? Do not you ALL believe YOUR...
  3. Sticky: Lucy, you have corrupt reasoning!

    Lucy, your reasoning and facts are not valid. Yes, there were TWO temples that were destroyed, and if your corrupt and flawed reasoning about 70 ad is correct, then the destruction of the FIRST...
  4. No my dear, you are not even close.

    Lucy, come on, is that the best answer you can come up with? Yeshua was speaking about His DAY (the 7th Day Sabbath, you know, the ONE that He created for man that will last a 1000 of our years),...
  5. Let's clarify.

    Lucy, I thought you told us that "Jesus" now holds the key, power, and authority over death. If that is the case, why are so many billions dying?

    Oh, and destroying the "works of the devil." ...
  6. Lot's Wife?

    Lucy, you sure can write a lot of words. Why not write and tell us why Yeshua WARNED to "Remember Lot's wife?" In the destruction and slaughter of Sodom and Gommorha, they were warned not to look...
  7. Sticky: Lucy, what you are lost on is the BETTER have no idea!

    Lucy, you will go round and round in circles trying to prove the Law of Moses is evil, and not have a clue about the BETTER HOPE. Hebrews 8:5 explains very well that what Moses built was a pattern...
  8. Sticky: Foolish and Slow of Heart.

    Lucy, when Yeshua OPENED the Scriptures to His Disciples, they were not "eye witnesses" to the original writing of those Scriptures, but they were "eye witnesses" to their Spiritual Understanding,...
  9. Sodom and Gomorrha

    nothing will excuse your filthy post of innuendos against my family = it is virtually what Elijah does - the law birds of a feather flock in their unholiness together
    before you pressed the...
  10. Sticky: Lucy, questions.

    Lucy, a couple of questions. Do you think Yeshua was deceived concerning the Law of Moses in that He did not condemn it the way you do? Also, do you think Yeshua was deceived concerning Yahweh...
  11. Lucy, I have ALL the answers you will need.

    Lucy, FIRST, I did answer your complaint against me, and I showed you that I didn't do anything like what you have done in spreading the sheer filth of how you teach that Yahweh is Satan. That is...
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    Lucy, you didn't read properly.

    Lucy, I didn't say ANYTHING about "prescription" glasses, what I see from how you can read, is that you need READING can't see properly. And it is for sure that your husband and grand...
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    Lucy, you are being deceptive.

    Lucy, I didn't say anything about you wearing "prescription" glasses, I said you wear reading glasses, and there are pictures to prove your husband and grand daughter both wear glasses, and these...
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    Lucy, Lucy!

    Lucy my dear, why did you state the following?

    Why did you state this if YOUR husband and grand daughter needs to wear glasses? Why do you wear reading glasses? Hmm? Are you the pot calling the...
  15. Lucy, you only read things the way YOUR mind delusionally looks at it!

    Lucy, I wrote NOTHING abusive! Here are my words from post 36:

    Notice Lucy, I stated I COULD state over and over again, not that I AM stating this. Do you grasp the difference? Obviously you do...
  16. Lucy, your teachings are in error.

    Lucy, anyone can claim anything they want and write 1000's of words to make it appear they "know" something. Almost ALL of your claims are like this...Paul was a 33rd degree mason, Yahweh was the...
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    Sorry for not getting back sooner Lucy.

    Lucy, good questions!

    Description of the Spiritual Fast which Yahweh/Yeshua desires (Isaiah 58:6-12).

    Why do we follow this Spiritual Fast? To be part of the Atonement as we enter INTO Life.
  18. Lucy, look, you are being just like the Jew of Yeshua's day.

    – Jesus in Luke 6

    Here we have juxtaposed two images of God.
    One is an image of God in the Bible from thousands of years before Christ and one is the words of Christ himself who is “the image of...
  19. Sticky: Studying!

    Shalom Eliyahu, sorry for the delay in responding. I have been studying.

    Now, you state that Ezek 46:1-4 tells us that the WEEKLY Sabbath can never fall on the 1st day of the Month. What is your...
  20. Lucy, at least THEY will not be like you.

    Lucy, at least the Jews will not be like you. Eventually, they will believe EVERYTHING that Moses wrote concerning Yeshua. You see, you are like those who could not "see" that the Word of Elohim is...
  21. Sticky: Come on Elijah!

    Shalom Elijahu, you mean to tell me that you can never have a Sabbath fall on a new moon because of what you read in Ezekiel 46:1-4?? Baloney! (Numbers 29:1) And please, give me the chapter and...
  22. Sticky: Maybe you got yourself confused.

    Shalom Eliyahu, maybe you are confused. You see, every time that we show, THROUGH the Scriptures, that YOUR lunar sabbath is a lie, you resort back to asking us to SHOW YOU where the WORD Satyrday...
  23. Sticky: Is the Law of Moses EVIL?

    Lucy, is the Law of Moses EVIL, or the Kenite interpretation of it that is EVIL? And a related question. Is Yeshua's interpretation of the Law of Moses EVIL? Ken
  24. Sticky: Sweet Lucy!

    Lucy, you would think that as sweet as you are that you would be able to respond. Are we not "cousins" since you feel my name Ken makes me a "kenite," and doesn't your name Smith make you a...
  25. Sticky: Show Me!

    Shabbat Shalom Eliyahu, we have been down this path before, and Spying admitted that the word "Saturday/Satyrday" is not written in the Scriptures, just like YOUR 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th Sabbath...
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