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  1. lucy smith = lucy butterfly [metamophoo]

    LUCY SMITH- THE OVERCOMER in the power of His might

    A beautiful tale of persevering and overcoming.
    Similar to Narnia, the story will appeal to children from age 7 to adults.
    Lucy Smith aka...
  2. THE GOOD NEWS IS THOSE SPIRITUAL LAWS.... and nothing to do with the LAW of Moses

    * the spiritual law of IMPARTATION.
    TO GIVE THE FRUITS AND GIFTS to his Ekklesia - math 11 V28 29 30

    * the spiritual law of RELEASE
    JOHN 10 V 10

    * the spiritual law of RESPONSE
    to pray and...
  3. Error in judgement

    WHAT IS PARTICULARLY sad to note Spying
    is your true lack of genuine judgement,

    You ban for a MISRESENTED ???''quote'' ??? AS A FALSE WITNESS
    yet failed to ban sox puppets and many filthy...
  4. the Old laws are Kaput ...............why?

    The New Covenant’s “chosen people” are the sons that are begotten of Father by the action of the Holy Spirit through the “seed” of the word (gospel).
    This is in direct contrast to the chosen people...
  5. you see Spying

    I did give away all actually twice
    you see you bear false witness.... AGAIN
    I don't tell lies, I find it is not worth the bother,...
  6. different covenants = different agreements....2 very different things

    any plan of man for his own salvation is doomed to fail.

    From Guilt with G-d to Peace with Messiah
    Scripture presents us with a very pessimistic view of human nature and man’s ability to keep his...
  7. a tragic thing to be converted to a lie.....

    Under the Old Covenant, the law is a series of commands which men are expected to obey, and if they succeed, then the law has no case against them.
    The problem is that no man yet has succeeded by...
  8. dont ever go back, 613 laws - lay in ruins because of THE NEW AGREEMENT

    This is why a New Covenant is needed.
    It is because no man, by his own works, can stand before the divine court and claim innocence.
    The law has a case against everyone.
    Fortunately, Immanuel, ...
  9. IMPORTANT TRUTH FEW DISCERN....posted for the law keepers who cannot keep 613 laws

    To be under the law means that one’s sin has not been dealt with in the manner that Father God requires.
    Hence, the law has a case against such people.
    Spying Ken Elijah/guyguy - look at your...
  10. the Old covenant [agreement] versus the GOOD NEWS [ new agreement]

    the old and the new
    The good news that the Messiah has come and that He has ratified the New Covenant which is the legal basis of the Kingdom of God.
    This is one of the most basic foundations
  11. DONT RILE UP AT ME.....consider the words CAPTIVE and DEATH - your reality

    the consider the history.
    Generations upon generations of human beings have come and gone, born with the greatest promise and buried with the greatest failure.
    A defeat most will not choose to...
  12. Lack of knowledge kills.....therefore.... The text book lacks true knowledge

    IF YOU HAVE THE WRONG INFORMATION YOU WILL be at a disadvantage and lack true knowledge.

    - when the promise was given...
  13. the word are the LIGHT of the world COMPARED TO DARK

    ''the people walk in darkness.''


    the Messiah shall reveal the truth OF these 2 words and their meanings.

  14. bring on da Judge, bring on da judge

    act 4 scene 3b.
    spying and guyguy in rehearsal for their new play ;;;;BRING ON DA JUDGE;;;;,

    Spying to Guyguy
    ''hmmm guyguy
    what is this new word here in the script .......................
  15. you sit in your wee pew thinking you are worshiping ABBA the God of love and life

    when the real life truth is you are in satan's halls of nakedness and misery just as Immanuel said
    bearing those fruits of satan for his food source of
    hunger, and...
  16. ask HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY THERE ARE WARS and killing and bloodshed?

    When these very things are so anti to the normal human family?
    Most people love peace and just getting on with their lives

    So why is there WARS?

    It is because satan and his hoards ...
  17. if Jesus came to your church... and preached. saying

    here is wisdom
    When we find it that easy to send our children into wars that should never be fought, that should be a clue that something is wrong.

    For if we truly loved our children, we...
  18. what is sad, is the poverty of the religious infact it is a virus

    the spirit of poverty and want
    the problem is
    always begging for money,
    ofcourse, this is a false Christian church trait,
    always with their hand out never giving OUT FROM THEIR OWN...
  19. dont excuse your false witness Spying its not a good look

    you said [as a false witness of me] I never sold my possession and give to the poor

    - that is a false witness as how would you know from 20000 miles away what I do wee man?

    as to Elijah. who ...
  20. the lie and presumption wicked people tell as per

    spying comment

    HOW DO YOU KNOW ? you presume far too much as a false witness Spying
    We are not told to ''blow our trumpet of kindness to others'' and gifts to others poorer...
  21. when a person joins the Ekklesia

    the fruit produced
    if the scriptures were the truth and perfect, this whole world would be filled with messiah's [small m] and this whole world would not be as it is today
    why aren't people free...
  22. what you have to consider Spying is a truth few will face

    bible reading and verse quoting and sermons from it, never really gives the church ETERNAL LIFE
    they die at rate of 2000 every 12 mins

    how many millions read and BECOME His ETERNAL LIFE AND then...
  23. yes indeed the law was declared useless weak and imperfect

    all you write is only ever words without true SUBSTANCE, the talk without the walk.
    if the law was perfect and needed today and parts of 613 to be kept
    why was it declared useless.
  24. once a person getS OVER THEIR RELIGIOUS death cycle information flows

    such as
    the generation of the righteous
    and this is a BLOODLINE that comes up, and moves from generation to generation.

    The Messiah is **** in**** the Generation of the Righteous”.
  25. Sticky: talking about THE TRUTH....

    big pharma needs exposing as well as the Drs of the medical mafia
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