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  1. 2 ''wrongs dont make a right'' murder Inc.

    Jesus said Elijah had the wrong spirit...……….. MURDERER.

    At the conclusion of the Carmel episode, Elijah proves capable of the same murderous inclinations that have previously characterized...
  2. Sticky: is there a solution?

    But it is not one most religious people like.

    Like Messiah His Church has to give up all their preconceived ideas and all past...
  3. Sticky: True or false O.T. interpretations by the ''serpent seed scribes'' the Kenites

    the lying scribes [Jer 8 v 8] the Kenites as ''seeds of the serpent''
    It only takes one contradiction or absurdity in the Bible to prove that it is not inerrant

    What manner of a deity desires...
  4. Sticky: hmmm one could write '' THE UNAUTHORISED VERSION of the O.T.''

    written By
    ''the various interpretations of the lying scribes of the Hu-man SONS OF CAIN aka the serpent seed''.
    The Unauthorised Version of the O.T. - black leather cover with fine gold...
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    The intent of my posts is to cause an honest and truthful re-examination of what is falsely declared of OUR FATHER in the Bible,
    * falsehoods that sow abominable images of Abba,
    * which do not...
  6. a simple clue to gaining true insight into who is who and the fruits they bear

    in each verse replace 'JESUS name' as our MESSIAH who came to set the captive free = alongside those gods, prophets, kings, pharisees, disciples etc who are giving their advice?

    if ''love joy...
  7. Sticky: His OVERCOMER -- and their HIDDEN MANNA.

    Jesus called that man who was under the Law of Moses and its ''serpentine'' interpretations ~~~ THE DEAD.
    Let us never be deceived to thinking otherwise.
    613 laws of Moses were termed...
  8. Sticky: if satan and his seed [ as the offspring of cain ] invaded the 1st creation

    would you?

    * worship it,
    * deny it
    * work with it again
    * create anew?

    Would you use the old former BASE that is invaded by evil,
  9. something to think about.....

    the O.T. changing scriptures ''a law one day but not the next'', the OT gods of changes...
    The kenites [as sons of Cain, the offspring of the serpent,] were doing a great work to that imperfect...
  10. Sticky: the changing scriptures a law one day but not the next, the OT gods of changes...

    The kenites doing a great work to that imperfect law of Moses, as a serpent who changes the rules and moves the goal posts.
    I guess the object is to create more imperfections.
    WELL ofcourse as the...
  11. Sticky: interesting question ImHebrew when you think on it

    The law of Moses.
    The law under the Kenites interpretation - written by their scribes that also confessed to lying
    The Law by Jesus interpretation.= who changed it 6 times and didn't always obey...
  12. Sticky: its the OVERCOMERS only who receive the HIDDEN MANNA

    NOTICE THE WORD '''''HIDDEN'''????
    those who are not classed as His Overcomer will receive stale manna in their religious wilderness walk.
    If it is revealed Cain was the hu-man...
  13. Sticky: some good advise

    One must be willing to forsake the traditional teaching of men and never be afraid to ask questions about church or common knowledge doctrine.
    Never get to a point where you have questions but...
  14. Sticky: Trekking on we find something really interesting



    Moses married a Kenite as it reveals in Judges 1:16 that Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite.
    look now and learn
  15. Sticky: Cain, being a hybrid, did not bear the image and likeness of Adam,


    However, Cain, being a hybrid, did not bear the image and likeness of Adam, who was a son of God.
  16. Sticky: the line of Cain the hu-man offspring of the devil. a great mystery

    for ImHebrew

    Now Jesus has the key authority over death - so why do people still die?
    Seems their death is self inflicted
    Jesus cannot work in their unbelief so '' the dead already bury...
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    everyone in the OT fell short of the Glory of ABBA... WHY SO?

    there was NO glory there to begin with.
    There was NO fatherhood presence
    All those poor dead souls of the OT had NO light.
    It was a world a murder rape pillage incest adulteries and chaos....
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    our LIVING FATHER is different from the dead OT gods..'' the dead who bury the dead''

    all truth seekers DILIGENTLY seek to discover our LIVING father, whose VERY LIKENESS is only FOUND IN THE MINISTRY of JESUS.
    Jesus mission was to reveal the truth.
    What truth?
    His Father's good...
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    when Peter HAD his revelation from the FATHER....ABBA

    DID YOU EVER NOTICE what was said?
    Math 16 v 13-16

    ''the LIVING GOD'' - making all other gods before this revelation - not living.
    MAKING -JESUS FATHER the living - not the tribal...
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    ONE THING MUST BE N.O.T.I.C.E.D so the veil of blindness is rent over your eyes.,

    the 12 disciples HAD DIFFICULTIES understanding Messiah's FATHER.

    Because Jesus Abba, was not the god of the O.T.
    So ~~~ once you ''get it'' the picture becomes clear and the veil of...
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    the broadway of churchianity has lots of ''gadgets'' that never lead to eternal life

    All those old churchy rituals and pagan feasts and all those old jewish ways of the law - never lead to ETERNAL LIFE. here and now.
    Millions have tried that con game and die IN sin.
    Few stop and...
  22. a crown of BEAUTY,

    Catherine of Siena said

    Well, let me ask you this:

    What would happen if each of us LADIES were to truly know, embrace who we are as daughters of God.

    Can you envision the day that...
  23. Sticky: the fruit of Cain - MURDER Inc...look~~ as this FRUIT speaketh for itself.

    if you don't know the greatest of all mysteries, you will remain blind to ''who is who and what goes with what'' and the fruit they bear.
    ''wickedness in High places'' - the M.O.

  24. the NAME .......of.................

    The truth brought names into existence in the world for our sakes, because it is not possible to learn it (truth) without these names.
  25. Sticky: cont... Oh yes. we will see the religious ''poo pars'' arise and mock from ignorance

    but remember
    Jesus 1st lesson to His Ekklesia is to - BECOME A FRUIT INSPECTOR.
    [dont watch their mouth move - look at their manifesting life styles.]
    The M.O. to look for is M.U.R.D.E.R.= MURDER...
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