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  1. A vital understanding is needed......................... Wow......................

    the YHWH gods of the knowledge of good and evil - the 2 choices world - the gross deception
    is about HUMAN sacrifice.
    I kid you not.

    why so?

    because it is from this tree DEATH Springs from. ...
  2. the ''TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL'' knowledge are the gods YHWHs - just fruit inspect.

    yhwh - THE CODE to the religion of'' the knowledge of TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL''
    ''by their fruits ye shall know them''

    The role play both Gods and Devils, - aka - both Good & Evil knowledge....
  3. One of the mysteries is ....................


    Notice in the story of the Prodigal Son the FATHER [ABBA] gave the repentant son '''a robe.'''
    the wedding garment.
    the indestructible...
  4. JESUS IS '' THE KEY'' to all spiritual understanding [ no other]

    When Emmanuel was on Earth in His Jesus body, He saw that the general human masses were spiritually blind.
    He understood that only a selected few would be able to comprehend what the Holy Word was...
  5. Just suppose.

    Stranded - Suppose, that you are not of this planet by lowered here.

    Suppose, that as a result of a great space war (Rev 12:7)
    your ancestors were cast down to this planet called Earth to be...
  6. redirected AND CHANGED

    The main ingredient of Messiah was and is CREATIVE LIFE.
    YES ~~ He had other features of the holy christ spirit but the major one is LIFE FOREVER MORE.

    HE SAID = THIS LIFE called His kingdom was...
  7. THE master of light and life - AKA messiah.

    The 1st lesson we understand is how to be a fruit inspector
    This means LOOK at the main CHARACTER AND LOOK AT THEIR MINISTRY [of the character's life]. THEN ask yourself would you like to be...
  8. No!!! Amount of your religious works will win you ''brownie points''

    There are no works we can do to merit salvation, but we do work our faith and we do work salvation.
    We do not do works because we want to appease God, but we do God's works because His Spirit is in...
  9. Sticky: whatever dear friend - believe all ye will.

    + and think of me as you will dear Spying
    i am no longer responding to a religious mind set so opposite my own
    it no longer serves a purpose.

    so to the fruit
    The end product...
  10. one of the stumbling blocks to tranformation is the devils ploy of

    The devil plays the ''our sin card'' TO PERFECTION
    He is expert at '' accusing''

    did you know + do you fully understand - the sin question
  11. * the NATURE* Displayed in Math 17 [#17 in bible numerics - victory]

    Yes, the foresight does come, and the unwrapping of our grave clothes has begun, to end in our conversion into a body of Life and light.
    Messiah suggests His path for His...
  12. Sticky: some divine insights to consider....FATHER IS LOVE.

    A true bELIEVER in him is an actual son OR daughter of ABBA.
    More than in name only, he/she is a legitimate inheritor of God's very nature.
    By The life Jesus...
  13. there is prayer / there is FELLOWSHIP prayer is a petition - fellowship is intimacy

    AT THIS TIME WE DEVELOP his mind and thinking + to develop His sensitive nature.
    This fellowship takes away all the negative vibrations, of the Matrix dark...
  14. there are certain understandings a saint grows into

    and NO ''Rome was not built in a day''
    WHY NOT?
    There are seasons of spiritual growth.

    today at 7 -37pm on the 10/11/2019 - a thought came to my mind.
    just a thought - a wee revelation
  15. Peter hungered when he saw.....


    each day when I leave my home for work, i pass my beach and i look over the water to the islands
    this water is like a...
  16. Sticky: dear Spying wrote in posts #1253

    is this not a ''respecter of people'' = showing favourites?
  17. Jer 8 v 8 = those self confessed lying scribes.

    so how can the Judaizer say '' I am wise''?
    they cannot

    Jeremiah 8:8 is explicitly clear when it states that the Law has been corrupted.

    We are not even sure if Jeremiah is really the true...
  18. Sticky: a better Hope

    ImHebrew - A better HOPE never comes out from weakness, uselessness and imperfections
    GET REAL~~~~~

    A '''better hope'''' comes from THE OLD system being scrapped.
    A BETTER HOPE is the opening...
  19. the law was a'''' SHADOW'''' of the GOOD THINGS to come [Heb

    do you know what a shadow is?
    ok well relook at the ''shadow'' of the law of moses - from the word meaning of shadow,

    if the law was called a '''SHADOW'' - this is what it means...
  20. Sticky: i do believe once indoctrination is IN Place from a CULTure of religion

    It is almost impossible to remove that mind
    All nations have A CULTure WE ALL GROW UP IN AND ALL THINK IT ''RIGHT'' - ask any man from many nation and ''his belief is right''
    So once the mind is...
  21. accepted theology? Basically has been misinterpreted completely

    as 'lack of true knowledge kills''
    we all should now possess the true knowledge that MAKES US LIVE - alive HERE in the POWER of His resurrection.
    alas =-Few only find This eternal life = making...
  22. Fear of HELL TEACHING is surrounded by ''fruits that appeal to the eyes and ears''

    the church from Hell
    that teaches on Hell.
    this APPEALING church is so good to those carnal eyes and ears.
    so their deception continues and few ever notice their C.A.P.T.I.V.I.T.Y.
  23. fear = control = fear comes from lack of knowledge

    Now we get to the rub!!

    For this is the REAL REASON for the addition of this satanic evil corruption – FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!
    Oh how the Papist illegitimates love to put FEAR into their duped...
  24. LIGHT is energy - the heavenly frequency - but DARKNESS is the Matrix womb of satan

    -2 systems
    all religions of this world are considered as darkness- that offers the fruits of death.
    The ''Word'' of Messiah for His New race of saints [ under His workmanship] is -
    [ for those...
  25. Sticky: cont somethings spiritual are rather difficult to grasp

    one such a divine concept is FREQUENCIES.... rather like tuning into the right radio station
    The law of Moses had a SHADOW FREQUENCY -
    a shadow is
    a dark area or shape produced by a...
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