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  1. Sticky: Lucy, YOUR deity is so much worse than how you delusionally TEACH that Yahweh is.

    Lucy, you falsely accuse Yahweh of being "blood thirsty," yet YOUR deity is presented by you as needing the innocent blood of the "first born" Son of Man, just so that he can forgive you and...
  2. Sticky: Reprehensible!

    Lucy, it is utterly reprehensible of you to claim that Yahweh Elohim required the sacrifice of children to Him. Let me help you out and clarify a few things.

    1. Yahweh was very clear about...
  3. Sticky: Lucy, don't you teach that Yahweh Elohim is Satan?

    That is only your opinion KENNETH [ the kenn-ites of the OT fame WERE the offspring of Cain the Hu-man - did you know that?]
    Something to think on. especially when Jesus said ''IT IS FINISHED'...
  4. Sticky: The Sin of the Lack of Knowledge...rejecting and forgetting the Law of Yahweh!

    Lucy, Isaiah and Hosea speaks of those who "lack knowledge," and you know what they have in common? They declare the lack of knowledge comes from REJECTING and FORGETTING the Law of Yahweh!

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    Lucy, you need to read better.

    Lucy, you need to read better. I wasn't asking you if you were "physically" fasting, I was speaking of SPIRITUAL things in which it appears you know nothing about. Ken
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    Lucy & Eliyahu, have you ever considered to FAST or TURN from the WORK of INIQUITY?

    Shabbat Shalom, I thought I might bring this thread back up for today is the Day of Atonement, and I would like to ask Lucy and Eliyahu if they have started their FAST/TURNING from the WORK of...
  7. Sticky: Everyone else!

    Shalom Everyone, for those who can reason properly and use a little logic, here is a site that explains how vaccines are made, and answers a lot of questions:

    The Truth about Vaccines

  8. Sticky: Let me get this straight?

    Lucy, let me get this straight. Satan is killing babies through abortion so that he can kill everyone else with vaccines, by making those vaccines with those aborted babies? Ken
  9. Sticky: So Satan is behind vaccines?

    Lucy, so Satan is behind vaccines? Ken
  10. Sticky: Vaccines

    Lucy, those who are misinformed and misled promote death and disease concerning vaccinations. Check out this twitter feed:

    Do you realize that from...
  11. Sticky: So nothing is stipulated concerning the fortune that your husband controls?

    Lucy, yes, it was about the "will," not insurance, but you didn't say what your husband has worked out for his fortune if something were to happen. I guess the "state" would get it all?

  12. Sticky: Don't remember the insurance policy reference, just the "will" reference.

    Shalom Eliyahu, I don't remember Lucy chiding me about an insurance policy, but I do remember her chiding me about the will that my wife instigated. Now, if the truth be known, Lucy's husband...
  13. Sticky: Lucy, listen to Robert F Kennedy Jr's family members!

    Lucy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr's family members say he is 100% wrong on his "dangerous misinformation" he is spreading over social media. Please read their article and then tell me it would be better to...
  14. Sticky: I have never had an insurance policy even though my wife begged for it.

    Shalom Eliyahu, my wife tried on many occasions to get me to take out a life insurance policy stating I would leave a tremendous burden on her and my children if I didn't get one. I never did, even...
  15. Sticky: Elohim's PLAN!

    Shalom Eliyahu, why can't you grasp the difference between those who are required to sacrifice/kill the offering, and Yeshua offering up Himself to us so that WE can FULFILL the Righteousness of the...
  16. Sticky: Your FATAL flaw!

    Lucy, since I'm back, I will be trying to catch up on my posting. With that being said, maybe your memory is bad, but I have already shown you why the woman was not stoned to death for adultery, and...
  17. Sticky: Second - Eliyah’s fatal/FLAWED logic!

    Shabbat Shalom Everyone, here is the fatal/FLAWED logic of Eliyah. Eliyah believes the righteousness commanded from the Law of Elohim does require that the offering sacrifice itself, instead of the...
  18. Sticky: First - Lucy’s Fatal/FLAWED Logic

    Shabbat Shalom Everyone, I’m still in DC, but I wanted to post this to show the fatal flaw of Lucy’s doctrine/teaching concerning her logic that Yahweh Elohim is the Devil/Satan.

    She has...
  19. Sticky: I’m BACK!

    Shalom Everyone, it has been 60 days since I agreed with Spying not to post until he had opportunity to explain what the Apostle Paul wrote about in Romans 5. You see, Spying was given the proper...
  20. Sticky: Righteousness BY Faith!

    Shalom Everyone, I know how difficult it is to understand the Righteousness that is BY Faith. When The Apostle Paul tried to convince his Jewish brethren about the Righteousness that is BY Faith, he...
  21. Sticky: Elohim's Plan!

    Shalom Everyone, the last post I made (#318 of this thread), very carefully and thoroughly presented what the Apostle Paul had to say concerning how Elohim placed EVERYONE under sin, even Adam. Adam...
  22. Sticky: Good Morning!

    Shalom Eliyahu, hopefully you had a good night's rest!

    Let's review. I have maintained with you that Paul taught that Elohim placed (shutup/consigned) mankind UNDER sin (Rom 11:32), by creating...
  23. Sticky: I just explained to you what Paul meant.

    Shalom Eliyahu, I just explained to you what Paul meant by the "putting away of sin." Do you want me to re-explain it? Maybe tomorrow. Blessings in The Name, ImAHebrew.
  24. Sticky: Let's call it a night!

    Shalom Eliyahu, let's call it a night and maybe you can chew some cud while you are sleeping so that it might go down where it belongs tomorrow. Blessings in The Name, ImAHebrew.
  25. Sticky: You are sounding like a "good" Lutheran Minister.

    Shalom Eliyahu, you are sounding like a "good" Lutheran minister. They also refuse to believe what Paul wrote: "but the DOERS of the Law shall be justified." (Roms 2:13) Blessings in The Name,...
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