Hi Everyone,
Blessings to you through Messiah Yahushua, My YAHWEH and My ELOHIM!

Last Shabbat, I invited into my home an Elder of the Jehovah Witnesses. Accompanying this Elder were three Witnesses who have over the years blessed my home with their presence. They first came into my home accompanied by Elder Lee Johnson. Elder Johnson could huff and puff with the best of them against what he perceived to be my false teaching, but to his credit, he always was willing to come back for more debate concerning what he perceived to be the truth against what I was teaching against his truth.
Last Sabbath, their young Elder was compelled to ask me this question:

Does ELOHIM have an EL?

I answered: Yes!

With that response, the young Elder arouse and announced that he was leaving. Apparently, this is an idea concerning ELOHIM which allows for no fiurther discussion.
Tell me, if you will, why cannot ELOHIM have an EL?

Thanking you in advance should you be moved to reply, I am,
Sincerely, Latuwr