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Lucy, you disregard Yeshua's words, and how He validated Moses, how are we ever able to believe what you teach?

Yeshua stated that if you don't believe what Moses wrote, you will not believe Him (you are proof of this).

Yeshua stated that the Greatest command in the Law was to LOVE Yahweh Elohim, and the Second was to LOVE our neighbor as ourselves (do you believe Yeshua Lucy?)

Yeshua, when asked how to gain eternal life, stated to KEEP the commandments (which ones?) He said the ones right out of the Law of Moses (and do you believe Him Lucy, or do you call Him a LIAR?)

Yeshua, when resurrected, stated directly to His Disciples the things concerning Himself, and He started with MOSES (Lucy, do you believe what Moses wrote, and what Yeshua told His Disciples?)

You see Lucy, you have to abandon any belief of what Yeshua said to make what you teach even remotely plausible. Why do you deny belief in Yeshua's WORDS. Ken

That is a most truthful post, and of course Lucy will still pretend that all of Messiah's words written by the Disciples were merely man made up verses, but would most men really want to fabricate verses which they hate?