because the deceptions are so great and vanity to strong and few there Be who SEE into the invisible AND KNOW HOW TO SLAY THEIR ENEMY.
2 kings 6 v 13-17

the opened eyes SEE past the veil of vanity.
NEO OPEN YOUR EYES and see the real world the real world of love mercy joy and abundant life = here. Just as Yeshua had.

who was the angel who gave Moses his laws?
Moses left Egypt, and went into the wilderness, he then met a man named Jethro, a ‘high priest’ who was a shepherd.
Jethro was powerful, obviously being a high priest as well as a Shepherd;
Jethro was a true Shepherd as a high priest
Jethro also had seven Daughters, and Moses married one of his daughters and began to serve Jethro for a very long time.
The book of Jasher revealed, that the god of the Mountain where Moses was brought before the burning bush, it stated, that Moses’ God was Jethro all along.
He was the one training and teaching Moses.
And this makes perfect sense.
However, the Bible stated an Angel spoke to Moses.
More than likely, this Angel was telling Moses to obey Jethro
also in the book of Jasher, and it was written that Miriam, Moses sister, had stated that Moses was following a different god, and not the same god as Abraham. YHVH was a little more brutal and harsher
Miriam was defamed and pushed aside by Moses.
The Bible speaks of this a little but Jasher reveals the history in more clearer detail.
what is the truth here?
Miriam was a high priestess and she did not agree with the slaughter this movement was engaged in as they destroyed cities, killed the people, and their livestock and looted them.
She felt this behaviour was not acceptable.
Moses did not agree for his god was unforgiving.